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We strive to inform, enrich and empower every citizen in our diverse community by creating and promoting access to a vast array of ideas and information and by supporting life long learning and love of reading.  We acquire, organize and provide relevant library materials; ensure access to other collections and information sources throughout the nation; serve our public with expert and caring assistance; and reach out to all members of our community.  We will expand the learning programs and collections to better serve new literates, the disabled and underserved community groups.

Vision of Library Service

The intention of the Kankakee Public Library is to provide the best library service possible, with collections of depth and breadth, and services provided by an expert and caring staff.   The Library Board and staff recognize that the achievement of this vision can only be realized through creative partnerships between the public library and the communities and people it serves.  Toward that end, the Board is striving to define the role of the public library in the community.


1.         Commons: 
People in the Kankakee area will be able to meet and interact with others and to participate in public discussions in a neutral location.

2.         Formal Learning Support: 
The people of Kankakee will find in their library informational resources, educational tools such as computers, library activities and materials that will support the curricular objectives of area teaching institutions.

3.         Current Topics and Titles: 
The people of Kankakee will find the item or information that they are seeking at the Kankakee Public Library.

4.         General Information:
The people of Kankakee will find in their library print, nonprint, and electronic resources that cover a broad variety of topics, as well as skilled staff to assist in the use of such material.

6.         Cultural Awareness: 
Residents of Kankakee will celebrate the diversity of our city.