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Fines + Fees

What if my materials are late?
Return them, and/or contact the Library as soon as possible. The book return in front of the library's main entrance is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When materials are seriously overdue (more than three weeks) replacement and processing charges are added, and your account may be sent to a collection agency. Once materials are returned, overdue fines stop accumulating. We do have a one day grace period on print materials. Currently fines are 10¢ per day for books, and $1.25 per day for videos/DVDs. Patrons with fines over $5.00 are not allowed to check-out materials until the fines are paid. You can also look at our complete Fines and Fees schedule by clicking here.

What if the material is damaged or lost?
Contact the Library as soon as possible. In most cases, you will be charged for the lost or damaged material as well as a processing fee which covers the costs to order, cover, catalog, and generally prepare a new copy for our collection.

Late Fees

Print/Audio: 10¢ per day with 1 day grace. Second day begins fees retroactively from first day. Max fine is $10.00.
Video: $1.25 per day. Max fine is $10.00.
Replacement: List price of lost or destroyed item plus $5.00 service fee.


Circulation Fees
Replace Card: $3.00 for an active card.
Lost Bar Code: $1.00.
Book Sale: All items 50¢ (subject to change).


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