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Library Cards

Any resident of the City of Kankakee is eligible to get a library card. 

Proof of address is required before getting the card. A Kankakee postal address is not necessarily inside the city limits of Kankakee. Individuals who reside in an area not served by a public library, but do pay property taxes on land owned within the city limits can get a free card by presenting a current property tax receipt. Individuals living outside the Kankakee city limits, who do not own city property, and who do not reside in a library serviced area, can buy a card for one year for $180.00.

What do I need to bring with me to get a card?
To prove your residency in the City, you will need to bring a photo ID and two pieces of mail from a business or agency that has your current address on it. The mail must be newer than 30 days old.

Aren't public libraries free? Why can't I get a free card?
Many of the programs and services we offer are free to everyone. These programs are Internet services, periodical and book browsing, author visits and speakers, and reference and readers' advisory services. You must have a library card to check-out materials. The Kankakee Public Library is paid for by the property tax dollars of the citizens of the City of Kankakee. Persons living outside the city limits pay nothing to our library. A common misconception is that persons who pay taxes to school district 111 should be able to get a library card for free. The Kankakee Public Library gets no income from district 111, so those in district 111 living outside the city limits must still pay for a card.

I have a card from another public library. May I use it in your library?
Yes. Any holder of a card from a public library recognized by the Illinois State Library may checkout materials. Libraries around the state have agreed to reciprocal borrowing policies that makes this possible. If you do not have a Kankakee Public Library card, you may use a guest pass to use our public computers.

When will my library card expire?
A Kankakee Public Library card issued to a patron who resides within the Kankakee city limits is valid for 2 years. Library cards for non-residents are valid for 1 year. When your library card expires, keep it and it will be renewed. If you lose your card, report it to the Circulation Department immediately to prevent unauthorized use. Each replacement card is $3.00.

What are the costs of a library card?
Adult/Family : $180.00 per household per year
$90.00 per household per 6 months
$45.00 per household per 3 months

Senior (age 65+) : $108.00 per household per year
$54.00 per household per 6 months
$27.00 per household per 3 months

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