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Renewals + Returns

How long may I borrow materials?
Most books and periodicals can be checked-out for 3 weeks. Ready Reference and Genealogy can not be checked-out.


How may I renew my materials?
Materials may be renewed in person, by clicking the My Account button at the bottom, or over the telephone by calling 815.937.6901.

What if my materials are late?
Return them, and/or contact the Library as soon as possible. The book return in front of the library's main entrance is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When materials are seriously overdue (more than three weeks) replacement and processing charges are added, and your account may be sent to a collection agency. Once materials are returned, overdue fines stop accumulating. We do have a one day grace period on print materials. Currently fines are 10¢ per day for books, and $1.25 per day for videos/DVDs. Patrons with fines over $10.00 are not allowed to check-out materials until the fines are paid.

Is there an outdoor book return?
There is an outdoor return box in the parking lot of the library. The slot on the left is for print items. The slot on the right is for CDs, DVDs, and other Audio-Visual materials. Please be sure to put the materials in their correct slot to avoid damage.

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